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The LIGAL features a department for product certification.

The LIGAL holds the Quality Mark “Galega 100%” inscribed in the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks to No. M2951852/0. This mark aims to enable enterprises to assure consumers that the main raw material (milk) dedicated to the production of milk and dairy products comes exclusively from farms registered in the Register of Quality Differentiated Dairy Farms, created through the Decree 57/2010, April 8, by wich the Register of Quaity Differentiated Dairy Farms is created and amended by Decree 228/2011.

The guarantee mark will be defined by the Regulation of the uses of the guarantee mark “Galega 100%” and its annexes.

The LIGAL as holder and Certification Entity of the Quality Mark “Galega 100%”, will sign License Agreements of use with those operators which will be committed to respect the conditions established in the Regulation, in the general framework which is applied in the complementary framework which LIGAL may establish for the correct use of the Quality Mark.

Information regarding the certification scheme, including the assessment procedure, rules and procedures for granting, maintaining, extending or reducing the scope of certification, or suspending, withdrawing or refusing certification, is available to the public upon request to the LIGAL product certification department. Similarly, the procedure for handling complaints and appeals is available, as well as the current fees for the certification of the Galician 100% Guarantee Mark.