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Water analysis

Knowing the quality of the water used on the farms is essential to avoid both contamination in the process of washing the milking facilities and milk storage tanks as well as health problems in the cattle.

In the LIGAL physicochemical and microbiological parameters are determined to confirm the suitability of the water supplied to the livestock, and employed for the cleaning of the facilities which are in contact with milk.


  • Ammonium by spectrophotometry
  • Nitrates by spectrophotometry
  • Nitrites by spectrophotometrya
  • Conductivity at 20ºC
  • Nephelometric Turbidity
  • pH by potentiometry
  • Free residual chlorine
  • Peroxides
  • Color
  • Smell at 25ºC
  • Chlorates and perchlorates by liquid chromatography (UPLC-MS/MS)

Microbiological tests

  • Basic:
    • Detection and count of total coliforms (filtration)
    • Detection and count of Escherichia coli (filtration)
    • Detección y recuento de enterococos intestinales (filtración)
  • If requested:
    • Count of Clostridium perfringens (including spores)
    • Count of microorganisms at 22 ºC